Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Flaming Lips - "Hear It Is" Vinyl LP

The Flaming Lips - "Hear It Is" Limited Edition Vinyl Reissue (White Vinyl)
Plain III
Original Release - 1986

The Flaming Lips are an American rock band formed in Oklahoma City, OK in 1983. Mostly known for their very experimental album releases in the late 1990's and 2000's, "Hear It Is" is their debut LP. This album reminds me of Wilco's "A.M." it has the same overall feel, and it is similar because these two debuts have been the starting point for vast sonic experimentation.

With "Here It Is" you are introduced to the psychedelic roots of the Flaming Lips. In "With You", Wayne Coyne sings "When you're touching me, I feel great. When I'm touching you, hallucinate". On that note, its worth mentioning that the eye on the album art is an image of Richard English's eye while on acid. Interesting stuff. The Flaming Lips really show their punk rock influence with the track "Unplugged", and on "Trains, Brains & Rain" I can't help but think of Martin Zellar and the Gear Daddies. "Jesus Shootin' Heroin" is easily the best song on this album and also features the best lyrics "Well I never really understood religions, except it seems a good reason to kill. Everybody's got their own conceptions, and you know they always will. These days are needles under my skin. Jesus shootin' heroin". Also, we see the beginnings of the always present death motif here, in "She Is Death".

Its interesting to listen to this album, after hearing much of their present work. The sonic progression is vast, and I love the creativity that emerges from every album. This is a great look at the early Flaming Lips, trying to find their footing.

The Vinyl was flat, and the white finish is beautiful with little to no scuff marks.

Album - B+

Vinyl - B+

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