Sunday, December 27, 2009

Elvis Costello - "My Aim Is True" Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Remaster Vinyl LP

Elvis Costello - "My Aim Is True" MFSL Vinyl LP
MFSL 1-329
Original Release - 1977

At this point in my short record collecting career, I have had very good luck with Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Remasters. They press great vinyl remasters, the vinyl is heavy 180-gram, and the albums come housed in heavy duty card-stock gatefolds. "My Aim Is True" is no exception to this. I was able to give this a spin today, and I was very impressed with the results. It sounds great, and I am happy to have this album in my collection, as it is an essential Elvis Costello recording, along with "This Year's Model" and "Armed Forces".

I've never really had a long term love affair with Elvis Costello, I have with the Beatles, and the Stones, along with many others. But Elvis has come in and out of my music listening through the years, never overstaying his welcome, and always leaving me happier than I was thirty minutes before. As 1970's rock goes, Elvis Costello represents a real kaleidoscope of influences and musical styles, from blues, to brit rock, to reggae; all of which are present on "My Aim Is True" The Vinyl Shark's favorite of his first three offerings.

I love the cover art of "My Aim Is True", Elvis Costello striking a 50's rockabilly pose in a tweed jacket with Buddy Holly glasses. Very cool Elvis, very cool. The inner artwork shows various photographs of the original source tapes for "My Aim Is True", which is cool to look at if you are a rock & roll freak like I am.

Some of my favorite Elvis Costello songs are on side A including "Welcome To The Working Week", the classic ballad "Allison", and the reggae "rock noir" track "Watching The Detectives". Interestingly enough, "Watching The Detectives" did not appear on the original UK version of the album, but was included in later pressings in the United States. Side B includes classics like "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" a personal favorite of mine for its simply brilliant rock stylings and classic delivery by Elvis. Also, "Mystery Dance" and "Waiting For The End Of The World".

I don't own a UK original or a US original of this album, so this MFSL pressing was an excellent opportunity to add this to my collection. The sound is great, and the packaging in second to none (Mofi's usually are excellent). A great album that I'm willing to bet has never looked, or sounded better.

Album - A

Vinyl - A

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