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Neil Young - "Live In San Francisco" Import (Holland) Vinyl LP DMM Cutting

Neil Young - "Live In San Francisco" Import (Holland) Vinyl LP
Vinyl Passion
Original Release - 2008
Performance Date - October, 22 1978: The Cow Palace, San Francisco

NY is one of my very favorite recording artists, and for my money, any concert of his from the 70's is golden. This 1978 set, chronicles NY at the height of his power. This is a very similar set of tracks as "Live Rust" and is taken from the same tour, it includes classic NY tracks like "After The Gold Rush", "Thrasher", "When You Dance I Can Really Love", "Powderfinger", "Cortez The Killer", "Cinnamon Girl", and "Tonight's The NIght". I could go on and on, this set list simply rocks.

Like many NY live sets, there is a mix of his more folk orientated numbers as well as a smattering of the all out rockers. If someone is unsure that NY is one of the architects of Rock & Roll, a listen to this album should convince them. Maybe its that NY has always been a polarizing figure in America. He's certainly not afraid to tell anyone to fuck off (Nixon) or to call a spade a spade (Cortez).

Since I have either reviewed NY's lyrics, or will do in the future, I will stick to judging the performance on this LP set. The set list stretches over two 180 Vinyl Lp's, and I would have to say the set list is better than the sound quality. This may be due to a number of things, one being that this is a live album, and as live albums from the 70's go, they aren't always the best. I'm not totally sure this is the issue, because I have heard some of the NY Archive vinyl live albums have very good sound quality. To me this recording seems a bit muddy at times, it also could be my system. I plan on picking up a nice copy of "Live Rust" to compare. Overall its cool that this set is available in an import vinyl edition, and I'm glad its in my collection. My motto is you can never have enough NY.

Album - A-

Vinyl - B-

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