Monday, December 21, 2009

The White Stripes - "Elephant" Vinyl LP (Import)

The White Stripes - "Elephant" Vinyl LP (Import)
XLLP 162
Original Release - 2003
V2 Records

I once heard Jack White say that the Blues are synonymous with truth. To me thats a pretty profound statement, and I love the quote, because it sums up what the White Stripes mean to music in the modern day. Hailing from Detroit Rock City, Jack and Meg White recorded this fireball of an album in a London studio over two weeks. The Result is "Elephant", and when it pours from your speakers, basically defines Rock & Roll.

Jack White has often been described as a modern Rock & Roll visionary, and its hard to argue with that with such great blues soaked rock gems like "Ball And Biscuit", "Hypnotize", "The Air Near My Fingers", and "Seven Nation Army". The latter being the biggest hit off this record, and of their career. I still love cranking the receiver right as the needle touches down on "Seven Nation Army", with Jack's guitar so twisted and contorted that you would swear it was a bass. This song also features some of the best writing and imagery of the album.

This Import (Holland) vinyl version is split over two 180 gram LP's. It is packaged in a heavy cardstock gatefold (beautiful), and features different cover art than the American LP or CD version.

The Back of the LP features a poem and its a great read, here is a taste:

Burn baby burn, take the trash to the living room,
laugh at the sweetheart, you and your friend can kill it
if television's aim is bad, break it, hard or die. Hard or die.
It keeps going, you're not wrong, don't worry about it, what matters?
You're having fun right? Break the rules, rebel, break them hard, help yourself.
Make yourself at home, turn on the video games, don't bother to contact, gorge yourself, it's all here for you, take your sweet time.

Album - A-

Vinyl - B+

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