Friday, April 16, 2010

Record Store Day 2010

Stark The Vinyl Shark is pleased to announce Record Store Day is just hours away. If you need me at all tomorrow, you might want to try either Slowtrain or Randy's.

I must say, I have been waiting for this Record Store Day for months, anxious with anticipation of exclusive vinyl like the new Hold Steady album, or the Wilco live set, or even the John Lennon Singles Bag. All exciting stuff for a vinyl freak like me. Thats why I'm planning on being first in line tomorrow morning, hopefully I can have my pick of the goodies before the Ebay hawks get to them. I know many fans across the country and in the U.K. are doing the same thing, its all part of the vinyl experience. We are a dedicated bunch.

I was thinking of writing a love letter to vinyl and the independent record shop here, but I figure thats what this blog is all about, so I will just give you the run down of how excited I am for RSD.

A special thanks to Anna, Chris & Vanessa down at Slowtrain for having me down on Thursday night to help prepare for the big weekend. They will have many things going on this weekend that you need to check out, trust me. Goodie bags, exclusive vinyl, live music and 3 dollar pints from Red Rock, and the list goes on and on. Get down there tomorrow, or be sorry you missed it.

I will also be checking out Randy's Records, and you should too. Exclusive vinyl, and a huge used vinyl sale you won't want to miss. I know Sam, Tom & Chris have been putting a lot of work into RSD so be sure to get down there and drop some cash on some great tunes.

For all you vinyl freaks out there, I hope you get what you want. As for me, here is a taste of what I (hope) to come up with:

Flaming Lips - Dark Side of The Moon
Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever
Rolling Stones - Plunder My Soul 7''
Wilco - Kicking Television Box Set
John Lennon - Singles Bag
Sonic Youth - Hits Are For Squares

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