Monday, June 14, 2010

A Band You Don't Know But You Should...

If you are from Minnesota you know the Gear Daddies, plain & simple, they are a local institution. For years in the 90's the Gear Daddies played second fiddle to more influential alt-country acts like The Jayhawks, and Uncle Tupelo. The Gear Daddies have a cult following, that will sell out reunion gigs at The Fine Line or O'Gara's in minutes (I know, because I have tried to get tickets). "Billy's Live Bait" is my favorite Gear Daddies album. A catchier and more accessible album than the also popular "Lets Go Scare Al". I have to say this would be a desert island disc/record for me, full of classics like "Stupid Boy", "Time Heals", "Gonna Change", and of course the hidden track "Zamboni Song". A St. Paul summer staple that brings back the memories of summers and winters of old. Bring it to the lake or the ice rink, and let the good times roll.

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