Sunday, November 15, 2009

Led Zeppelin - "III" Vinyl LP

Led Zeppelin - "III" Vinyl LP
Atlantic SD 19128
Original Release - 1970

Led Zeppelin's third album focuses more on a folk and acoustic base than their other albums more known for powerhouse classic rock. This makes for an all-together different listening experience, one that is enhanced by the vinyl format. Recorded for the most part in a remote cottage called Bron-Yr-Aur, in Whales, Led Zeppelin "III" proves that these artists can do almost anything.

The album opens with the Led Zeppelin classic "Immigrant Song" which sounds like business as usual until "Friends" comes along to shake things up a bit, more of an acoustic song with classic folk inspirations present. "Friends" leads to "Celebration Day" where we again hear some more classic Zeppelin musicianship that resembles their work on "I" and "II".

Side two of this album features some of Zeppelins most interesting an delicate musicianship, and when their albums are listened to as a whole, its easy to see how they kept the foot on the peddle after this album and made "IV". "Tangerine", "Bron-Yr-Stomp", and "That's The Way" are some of my favorites. This album is often overshadowed by "II", "IV", and "Houses of the Holy" but it is an essential puzzle piece to the Led Zeppelin catalogue and a worthy addition to anyones vinyl collection. I will be hunting down some more 1970's Atlantic pressings of albums, because they sure do sound great.

Album - A-

Vinyl - B- (For being close to 40 years old, it sounds quite good).

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