Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little Richard - "Here's Little Richard" MFSL Remaster

Little Richard - "Here's Little Richard" Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Remaster 180 Gram Vinyl
Original Release - 1957
Limited Edition Pressing of 2,500

If you are anything like me (this intro will have to suffice until I can think of a better one) you often wish Little Richard could be in your living room. Well, now that is a possibility with this lavish remaster of the classic rock & roll album "Here's Little Richard".

I actually started laughing when I dropped the needle on "Tutti Frutti" because it sounds so damn good! Its literally like having Little Richard in your living room, the sound quality is fantastic, displaying the magic MFSL can use to make even the oldest rock recordings sound better than any CD in my collection. One important thing to note is that these are all live studio recordings, no multi-channel business here, just rock & roll which makes this remaster all the more special.

MFSL has again used their Gain 2 Ultra Analog System to go back to the master tapes (for the truest possible sound) giving you an idea of what it was like to be in the studio during the recording process. "True Fine Mama", "Ready Teddy", and "Rip It Up" will literally tear your speakers to shreds in the best way possible. "Long Tall Sally" and "Miss Ann", two of my favorites sound so clear and immediate, it makes me wish I could be on a Pirate Radio ship broadcasting it to the good people of the UK in 1966 (Readers note: do yourself a favor and go see Pirate Radio, its an excellent movie and starring in it is my favorite actor Philip Seymour Hoffman as "The Count").

The MFSL remaster of "Here's Little Richard" represents everything I love about music and listening to it in true analog. Run out and get a copy while you can, I heard this is already out of print. If you get it, your stereo will thank you.

Album - A

Vinyl - A (This vinyl edition is pressed on black 180-gram vinyl. Its flat, shiny, and sounds terrific a new high point for my growing collection).

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