Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sly & The Family Stone - "Stand!" Vinyl LP

Sly & The Family Stone - "Stand!" Vinyl LP
Sundazed LP5146
Original Release - 1969

There are many ways to measure the greatness of a band, but Sly & The Family Stone played an epic 3 A.M. set at Woodstock... Yeah, pretty hard to argue with that. "Stand!" was released as the legendary 60's was coming to a close, and in a way, served to honor the great decade of music the 60's gave us, yet welcomed the new decade with open arms. This is an album that really embodied what the counter-culture revolution had strived for. These are not just rock songs, or funk songs, or soul songs, these songs represent a mindset at least of one band at the end of arguably America's most tumultuous decade.

Its pretty rare to have such an exciting album musically, also in the same stroke dealing with some really deep and personal subject matter. From race relations, to treating one another as we should, "Stand!" fires on all cylinders.

From "Everyday People", to "Sing a Simple Song", the excellent instrumental "Sex Machine", and "I Want To Take You Higher" this is a classic album that will leave you feeling better that you did 40 minutes ago.

"Makes no difference what group I'm in/I'm everyday people, yeah yeah"

Album - A

Vinyl - B- (Replacement received Christmas eve, better than the cold pressing I originally bought, but nothing to write home about).

Check out Sly & The Family Stone Live at Woodstock here:

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