Saturday, March 27, 2010

Isaac Hayes - "Hot Buttered Soul" Vinyl LP

Isaac Hayes - "Hot Buttered Soul" Vinyl LP
Original Release - 1969

I have been trying to track this beauty down for a while and I finally found it a few days ago. This is "Hot Buttered Soul", the Isaac Hayes Motown classic, an essential vinyl contribution to anyones collection. This is the type of album you must listen to on vinyl, I have passed up many opportunities to buy the CD because that would be cheating.

There are only 4 tracks on this album, but its quality over quantity, plus half the songs are over ten minutes long. The classics "Walk On By" and "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" grace side A and on side B is "One Woman", and "By The Time I Get To Phoenix".

This album is full of funky grooves and heartfelt ballads from Isaac Hayes. It is one of many classics to come from Stax Recordings, and while Isaac Hayes is usually known for the Theme From Shaft, this album will show you he is much more than that.

This vinyl re-issue is pressed on standard weight black vinyl, and while the vinyl sounds good, I was not blown away with the sound quality. I will continue to search for an original or the much sought after Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab pressing.

Album - A

Vinyl - B

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