Saturday, March 27, 2010

Return of The King

Dear readers I have returned from Texas intact, and with vinyl in tow. It's official, I'm moving to Austin, Texas as soon as I can afford it. What a great town. It really is the "Live Music Capitol of The World" and I didn't even have an official ticket to anything SXSW related. Since this is a music blog, I will spare you the details of the actual trip (Thanks again Jenny & Co.) and stick to the tunes.

I really enjoyed walking South Congress and listening to all the musicians on the street. My favorite was The Ferocious Few. These guys set up outside Lucy In Disguise and played a killer set.
These guys are from San Francisco and were in town for SXSW. They played a quick set of punk rock influenced folk rock that was loud and fast, just like I like it. I bought their CD and will be happy to burn you a copy if you promise to order their album that releases in April.

The locals in Austin not only want to keep their city weird, they really appreciate music. More so than in any other city I have been to. It was great to spend an afternoon shopping and listening to music.

I really just fell madly in love with the city and its culture. I enjoyed shopping for some Austin related vinyl to add to my growing collection at Waterloo Records, and quickly ran out of singles by giving them to all the musicians on the street so they had gas money to get to the next gig.

In conclusion, Austin is the greatest city ever, and in the spirit of keeping things weird, I ran into this fella at Uncommon Objects on South Congress...

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