Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Devil Whale - Slowtrain (SLC) July, 18, 2010

Music Is A Beautiful Thing

One of the best parts about music as a medium for expression is that it surrounds us on a daily basis. One of the worst parts about music is that (especially these days) you really need to be proactive in finding the good stuff.

Slowtrain has the good stuff.

Slowtrain turned 4 years old this past weekend, and to celebrate, they started a label. Yeah, I like big ideas too.

The first release from Slowtrain Records will be the new album from Salt Lake's own The Devil Whale. If you haven't heard of these guys please pay Chris & Anna a visit and purchase their excellent 2008 release Like Paraders or their 2010 EP Young Wives.

To celebrate, The Devil Whale played a show Sunday night for those who have pre-ordered their new album. It was an amazing, intimate and hauntingly beautiful show. Proof that great music doesn't only happen on the coasts. The show provided an excellent soundtrack to the hot summer night, some old favorites and new songs as well, The Devil Whale proved yet again they represent the SLC music scene better than anyone.

In a move no one expected, Brinton Jones (lead singer) asked his younger sister to join him for Butter For Buns, in what would become the highlight of the evening. A beautiful and haunting song, if you missed it, kick yourself and then watch the video posted below. Astonishing.

It was a great celebration, one that I will not soon forget. Its easy to forget sometimes that music isn't just this magical thing beamed to XM radio from a satellite. Its about true musicianship, community, and just getting people in a room. Its the collective experience that makes it wonderful, it makes it a religious experience for those unsure of anything else in this world except for how music makes them feel.

Thanks to Slowtrain for 4 great years, this city would be totally lame without you.

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