Monday, July 19, 2010

James Taylor / Carole King - Energy Solutions Arena Salt Lake City, July 15th, 2010

If you are like me, you could listen to James Taylor play a concert every weekend for an eternity. On Thursday the great Carole King joined him in Salt Lake City. It was a great night for music.

Taking the stage around 7:45 PM, these two old friends worked their way through all the classics, and in excellent fashion if I may say so myself. While at 68 Carole's voice has suffered the effects of age, James sounds as good as ever, clear and warm. He had me thinking of women and glasses of beer.

The original backing band from the Troubadour days was present, and they really rocked. The acoustics in the ESA are always questionable, but Thursday night seemed to be on the better end of the spectrum. I think its a combination of the talent present, and the softer, more acoustic setting of the show.

Some highlights of the night include: "Sweet Baby James", "Country Road", and "Up On The Roof". A good time was had by all.

Set List:
  1. Something In The Way She Moves (James Taylor)
  2. So Far Away (Carole King)
  3. Machine Gun Kelly (James Taylor)
  4. Carolina in My Mind (James Taylor)
  5. Way Over Yonder (Carole King)
  6. Smackwater Jack (Carole King)
  7. Country Road (James Taylor)
  8. Sweet Seasons (Carole King)
  9. Mexico (James Taylor)
  10. Song Of Long Ago (Carole King)
  11. Long Ago And Far Away (James Taylor)
  12. Beautiful (Carole King)
  13. Shower The People (James Taylor)
  14. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Carole King)
  15. Set Two:
  16. Where You Lead (Carole King)
  17. Crying In The Rain (Duet)
  18. Secret O' Life (James Taylor)
  19. Sweet Baby James (James Taylor)
  20. Jazzman (Carole King)
  21. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (Duet)
  22. Your Smiling Face (James Taylor)
  23. It's Too Late (Carole King)
  24. Fire And Rain (James Taylor)
  25. I Feel The Earth Move (Carole King)
  26. You've Got A Friend (Duet)
  27. Encore:
  28. Up On The Roof (Duet)
  29. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (James Taylor)
  30. Encore 2:
  31. You Can Close Your Eyes (Duet)

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