Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beach House - "Teen Dream"

Beach House - "Teen Dream" Vinyl LP
Sub Pop 845
Original Release - 2010

So this has 2010's most beautiful Indie album on lockdown. It will remain to be seen if it can claim the top album of 2010, especially with some strong and anticipated released coming this summer.

This album is simply beautiful, its easy to get lost in the psychedelic, dreamy soundscapes Beach House presents. It's hard not to imagine a foggy, misty landscape, but when the music emerges and crescendos as it does in "Used To Be" the fog lifts, and presents the listener with a bright, sun soaked landscape.

I had a great conversation with Anna down at the wonderful Slowtrain music shop in Salt Lake City about Beach House. I told her that I stayed away from this album do to the hype (I still haven't heard Animal Collective) because I didn't want to be disappointed. Well, no disappointment or let down here, this is a stellar release. The instrumentation is spot on, with elements of shoegaze, tween pop, and psychedelia its fun to hear all the different influences that are present. My favorite, and the most recognizable influence here is My Bloody Valentine, something that Beach House uses with grace and elegance, never plagiarizing but always paying tribute.

Some of my favorite tracks on this album are "Silver Soul", "Norway", "Used To Be" and "Take Care". I would recommend this album to all the readers out there, its something you will not want to stop listening to. I always seem to play it twice in a row.

For all the enthusiasts out there, this release from Sub Pop is super deluxe. This is a double LP, nice sounding black vinyl, housed in a beautiful gate fold cover. With this album is the download codes for the full album online, and a DVD of (super sweet, and trippy) music videos. It also includes a lyric sheet that doubles as a poster.

Album - B+

Vinyl - B+

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