Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marvin Gaye - "Let's Get It On"

Marvin Gaye - "Let's Get It On" 1973 Original Pressing Vinyl LP
Original Release - 1973 (Motown Record Corporation)

Lord, Have Mercy...

As I have written in past postings, the mark of a great vinyl listening experience is when you find a gem, start up the turntable, and begin laughing when the sound fills the room. This was my exact experience this morning when I dropped the needle on Marvin Gaye's Motown classic "Let's Get It On".

I found this original pressing at a local record shop after work last night and knew I had to bring it home. I passed up some really great buys too, but I will be going to record store heaven (Austin, TX) in a little over a week, so I have to keep the spending under control. This LP simply shines, each note and rhythm is so clean, so immediate, dare I say sexy? I do. From the opening track of "Let's Get It On" to the closing track "Just To Keep You Satisfied" Marvin holds the listener captive with his magnum opus.

Now, I am also a fan of "What's Going On" but for unadulterated soul, infused with the spirit of blues, gospel, and jazz music this album is another cornerstone of my collection. The album is the definition of cool, and so was Marvin. His voice is so recognizable, and his contributions not only to the genre that is soul/Motown music, but also to rock & roll.

From the iconic cover art, to the beautiful sounds inside, this album is a must own for any vinyl fanatic. I plan on also purchasing the MFSL remaster, but only because I am a completist. This original pressing still sounds stellar, the vinyl is in great condition and so is the gatefold that houses it.

Album - A

Vinyl - A

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